Promoting Clickbank Affiliate Offers During The Covid-19 Pandemic

This Covid-19 pandemic has impacted a lot of people around the world. People are getting sick, people are dying, people are out of work and people are worried about the future.

Most people are focused on getting essential goods like food, medicine, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. They do not want to spend money on non essential goods because they don’t know when they will go back to work. If could be a month from now, it could be longer.

What won’t sell well

Many of the items that are sold on Clickbank are not essential items. The conversion rates for those items will be extremely low if promoted during this pandemic. Fitness and vertical jump programs are useless for people that can’t go to the gym.

Golf swing products are useless for people that can’t play golf. Recipe ebooks and wood working guides are useless if people are scared to go to the store.

What will sell well

The only Clickbank products that I could see selling at a high level right now would be products that allow people to learn something new like drawing, a language or an instrument. With people being stuck at home they might be willing to spend money to learn a new skill.

Business opportunity and paid survey offers should do well too as people are looking for alternative income streams after being laid off.

Seduction guides should be a solid performer at this time. A lot of lonely guys will be trying to brush up on their understanding of seduction and women so that they can meet someone immediately after the pandemic ends.

After The Shutdowns Are Over

Once the shutdowns end you can wait a few weeks for people to deal with their rent and car payments before you start to ramp your Clickbank campaigns.

The fitness niche will be a goldmine once this pandemic ends. People around the world are bored and stressed out. They have no interest in working out and eating right and they will put on a few pounds. Once the lockdowns end, they will be eager to get in shape fast, especially if it is still warm outside.

Much like fitness programs diet and recipes guides should be easy money. People will try to transform their diets away from the fatty foods they ate during the lockdowns.

Business opportunity and paid survey programs will continue to sell well. This pandemic will help people see they can’t rely on one income and many of them will be searching for second and third income streams.

Dating and seduction guides will continue to be a hot seller. Many guys will be going coming out of the loneliness period of their life and they will be desperate to succedd with women much faster than they have in the past.

Where should I promote these offers?

Many of these offers can easily be promoted on Facebook ads and native ad networks like Outbrain and Taboola. I recommend Facebook ads first as I have had some success getting one and two cent clicks with them in in foreign countries and ten cent clicks in the United States (US).

Once you have a few successful campaigns running on Facebook ads you can move on and try those other two advertising networks.

When promoting Clickbank offers on Facebook ads make sure you send people to your own landing page first. At that point they can click through your landing page and visit the affiliate offer. Below is a good landing page that would work well for a yoga offer.


You can get access to a Facebook ad spy to see your competitions Facebook ads. You could also get access to a native ads spy tool like Anstrex to see what landing pages and creative people are using on native ad campaigns. Usually people are running similar stuff on native ads and Facebook ads.

One last thing, make sure your landing pages are mobile optimized as a large percentage of people browse Facebook on their mobile phone.

I hope this post helps you plan out your Clickbank affiliate marketing campaigns during this Covid-19 pandemic and after it.

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