Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other companies products and services for a commission. Many big players in the affiliate marketing industry do affiliate arbitrage using cost per acquisition (CPA) offers. CPA offers pay a flat rate commission. When you promote CPA offers the goal is to make more in commission than you spend on advertising.  Usually it takes some optimization and testing to make a campaign profitable.

This method can be lucrative if you can master multiple traffic sources and develop a system that allows you to promote and scale almost any offer. Even though it can be lucrative, it is difficult to call affiliate arbitrage a real business due to the lack of control affiliates have. You do not own the offers they promote, the offers can expire at any time, you can get banned from affiliate networks and ripped off with no warning and you are essential taking all the risk with minimal long term return. For the most part when you do arbitrage affiliate marketing, you are making money and not building a business.

Payout Types

Pay per lead: These offers pay when someone fills out a form. Sometimes a low payout offer can be referred to as a pay per lead campaign.

Pay per sale: These offer pay a flat fee or a commission percentage when a sale is made.

Pay per call: These offer pay when you convince people to call a phone number.

Pay per install: These offers pay when people install something like and iPhone app.

Types Of Offers

There are offers in many niches but, these are the most popular:

Biz Opps





Mobile Apps

Supplements with trial offers


Where to get offers

To get access to affiliate offers you need to join an affiliate network. You usually need to have a website and be able to verify your identify. It is much hard to get into affiliate networks these days. In the past networks would approve anyone. Now they want to know how much money you make online, what forums you use and they also want references. Many networks also like to interview you over the phone, so be prepared.

Below are the three CPA networks I trust the most however, their are many others that I have not tried that are probably just as trustworthy.


Where to advertise

Some of the top places to advertise are listed below but, their are many others. It is up to you to test and see which networks work for you.

Google Adwords

Facebook Ads

Twitter Ads

Yahoo Stream Ads

Bing Ads





Landing pages

Once you get into an affiliate network you get access to hundreds or thousands of offers like you see below.


You can grab an offer link and run it right away on one of the advertising networks listed above it you are in a rush to launch a campaign. If you want to increase your odds of making a profit use a landing page. Landing pages are just a bridge between the traffic source and the offer. Basically people have to visit your landing page and click a button to be directed to the offer.

Nowadays eveyone uses a quiz style landing page so you don’t have to struggle with deciding on a landing page style. You can join freelancer or to get custom landing pages. If you want something cheaper that you can download and use right away visit my site for premade landing pages.


You need to track your affiliate campaigns if you want to make money in affiliate marketing. Tracking platforms like ThriveTracker allow you to see every little element of your campaign that is losing money and every element that is making money. Seeing detailed stats will allow you to optimize your campaign for more profits by eliminating poor performing countries, bad keywords and other things that are losing you money.


Above is a very short breakdown of what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is such a complex industry it can’t really be explained in one blog post. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, your next step shouldn’t be to start joining networks and setting up campaigns. Your next step should be to read case studies on this blog or around the web. You should also join forums like Affplaybook to interact with 1000’s of affiliate marketers that are running campaigns and making money. That was the first thing I did when I discovered affiliate marketing. I spent hours each day in forums and reading blog posts to see what methods were working and what method were not. Eventually, I started to launch campaigns and I had success. You can do the same but, make sure you hold back before you jump in and start blowing money.

One last thing, even though I like doing affiliate arbitrage, it is making money and not building a business. Even with that said, it is something worth pursuing because it is easy to get into and can be very lucrative. Just remember that while you are spending time and money on your campaigns you should also spend money and time creating a blog or developing your own products and services. Affiliate arbitrage should never be 100% of your income.

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