How To Start A Dating Site

The dating industry is huge and with white label dating anyone can start a online dating website that already has millions of active members. All you have to do is setup you website promote it.  You don’t have to worry about customer service, refunds, chargebacks or other hassles. When people join your website and purchase a membership you can make 50-65% of the initial fee plus recurring fees.

This tutorial will take you through starting a dating site you will be using a white label dating service called DatingFactory which I have used for about 5 years.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is join Datingfactory. Do that by going to and click the start now button to register.



You will be directed to the signup page and you will most likely be signing up as an individual so select that option box and complete the form. You will likely have to verify your email address before you are allowed to login to your account.


Step 2: Once you verify your email, login to the DatingFactory platform and go to sites. Then click Create a site.



You will see multiple niches that you can build a website in. Decide which niche you want to build a site in.



Step 3: Go to to search for a domain related to your niche and purchase it.



Once your domain is registered you will need to change the name servers to:

Step 4: Now that you have a domain go back to DatingFactory and pick your niche and template then click next.



Step 5: Select international to target all countries or pick individual countries. Select all the languages you want your website to have. Select an age range I recommend 40 and up because they are the most profitable age range. Pick your default language and enter your site name.



Step 6: Next enter in the domain name you purchased from and click create your website.



Step 7: At this point you could publish your website but I wouldn’t recommend it. I suggest that you exit your Datingfactory account( Don’t worry your site details will not be lost) and go find a logo designer on or Tell them you need a transparent logo size 200×60 for a dating site tell them the colors you need and what it should say or look like.

Another move you could take is to sign up for Google Analytics. This will allow you to see how your website is performing as far as time on site, return visitors, popular pages and other data.

Step 8: Now that you have your logo and analytics code, go back to your Datingfactory account in the sites area. Click the edit link and go to front page simple and upload your logo.




Click the link tracking code and go to every page code and enter your Google Analytics code.



Preview the website, if you like how it looks you can publish it and it should go live within 12-24 hours.



Step 9: Once you site has been approved and is live you need to create your first ad campaign link. Go back to Datingfactory go to the sites area and click edit site. Click the link landing pages on the left site and you will see create new campaign.



Step 10: Enter a name that reflects where you will be advertising. If it is MSN put MSN it it is Yahoo put Yahoo. Click save to create the link. Now you can use it on the ad network where you want advertise. Do this for the different places you advertise.


That is the most basic tutorial I could make for setting up a Datingfactory website. Future posts will touch on more advanced setup method and different ways to promote your dating website.

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