How to make $4,000 a month blogging

Mateen was an unsuccessful blogger that had some success online promoting products and services as an affiliate. He would make commission for any sales and leads he would generate for the products and services he would promote.

His efforts promoting products and services as and affiliate made him $1,000 here and $2,000 there, but nothing really consistent. Some days he would make money, other days he would lose money.

Switching Strategies

After limited success with affiliate marketing he decided to start selling shirts on Basically he would design shirts, post them on the platform and promote them using Facebook advertisements.

The more shirts he sold the lower his cost per shirt was and the higher his profits were.

After a few months of making a couple thousand here and there, he hit it big on He made an eye popping $158,426.99 in revenue in one month. Not one year, one month.

He spent $72,888.52 advertising his shirts on Facebook Ads, so his profit was $85,538.47, nearly $3,000 a day.

Unfortunately, it was a lucky month for Mateen as he never got close to making that amount on the platform again. He was smart though, he was able to take that lucky month and turn it into blog traffic and consistent income with one Reddit post.

Posting on Reddit and making consistent money

He posted an ask me anything (AMA) on Reddit in the Entrepreneur subreddit,  which as of April 2020 has just over 700,000 members. His title was “I made around $85,000 profit last month promoting shirts/hoodies on tee spring. AMA”.

He told his life changing success story, showed proof of his revenue and expenses and of course linked back to his blog.

He had to deal with some negative feedback, but the outcome in the end was his blog traffic going from 15-30 visitors a day to over 100 visitors a day consistently.


From that point he monetized his blog with a banner referring people to a private affiliate marketing forum called A forum that helped him achieve his temporary success with

The forum had an affiliate program that paid him recurring revenue anytime one of his referrals became a paid member.

That recurring income allowed him to start making $4,000 a month in consistent income from his blog. Even if he only blogged once or twice a week he could still bring in a hassle free $1,000 a week.


If you have a success story to share on Reddit, it can really help you grow your blog and build your brand. Even better if you can share multiple success stories over the course of a year. Your traffic will grow with every post.

Your success stories will have to be big. Not many people in that subreddit care about you making $100 or $200 bucks.

Try to make your Reddit post helpful, if it comes off as bragging or just spamming to get people to read your blog, people will react negatively to your post.

If people don’t like your post, you won’t get the results Mateen did.

Collecting emails on you blog

Make sure you have an opt in form on your blog. Offer a free eBook or mini course so that you can collect emails from people that visit your blog from Reddit.

This will allow you to contact them in the future with blog updates.

Making money on your blog

Recurring income affiliate programs or web hosting affiliate programs are great for all types of blogs.

Most blogs, like the fashion blog in the screenshot below, have a how to start a blog page that shows people step by step how to setup a blog.


A post like that also allows them to promote a web hosting affiliate program which usually pays $50 to $100 for each person that registers for a hosting account.

Read Mateen’s blog

You can read Mateen’s blog at and see his income reports here. The blog is no longer being maintained.

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