Exoclick Alternatives-Plugrush, Juicy Ads & Trafficjunky

Exoclick is a great place to advertise if you are looking for high volumes of adult traffic from banner ads, push notification ads, popunder ads as well as video ads. They have the necessary volume for affiliates that want to scale up and spend thousands of dollars everyday.

They have one big downside, the initial deposit is $200 to get started with your account. If you don’t want to deposit $200 or you have already mastered Exoclick and want to move on to a few other high quality adult traffic networks, the list of Exoclick alternatives below should help you.


TrafficJunky has premium ad placements on some of the best adult websites in the world. This network doesn’t have any fancy ad types like native ads and push notification ads. Banner ads only.

They have a $100 minimum deposit which isn’t too bad. All campaigns are cost per impression (CPM) rather than cost per click (CPC).

That means if you have really creative ads and get a high click through rate (CTR) you will be paying less money per click. High CTR is the key to making TrafficJunky work, especially with low payout dating and cam offers.

Once you test a lot of offers and find a winning campaign on one of their websites, you can easily scale it to all their other websites and make more money.

I think this network is best for people promoting supplements or other high payout offers. If you can promote two supplements together as a stack, you will be more likely to profit.

To get a better idea of what other affiliate marketers are promoting on TrafficJunky, try joining Stack That Money (STM), a premium affiliate marketing forum, so you can access their spy tool. Membership is $99 a month.


JuicyAds has run of network (RON) traffic and they also sell placements on individuals websites. I have had quite a few successful campaigns with their RON traffic.

Advertising on RON traffic is not an effortless event. You definitely have to work hard to weed through the bad websites and block them.

I have not had much luck buying placements on individual websites. You never really get the traffic you expect unless you use a banner ad with a play button on it. Ads with play buttons on them suck because they get tons of clicks and no conversions.

Even though they JuicyAds has lots of volume, cheap traffic and a lot of targeting and blocking features, their interface is horrible. You can’t even search for a specific ad campaign on the manage ads screen.

Due to the poor interface, I recommend trying the other networks on this list before trying JuicyAds.

Once you do get around to trying JuicyAds, expect to deposit at least $50 for a direct site buy or $100 for a RON. They only offer banner ads and popunder ads. Native ads and push notifications ads are not an option.


Plugrush is another network I have had success with in the past. I few years ago they looked to be dead in the water, but they are trying to evolve and add more ad types and more publishers to stay afloat.

Their traffic has always been pretty cheap. The big issue I had with them was scaling. They do have a traffic estimation tool that allows you to see how much traffic certain ad types are getting in different countries.

Plugrush Prices

The problem with that tool is it doesn’t show the timeframe of those numbers. It also doesn’t tell you whether those are clicks or impressions.

Still, I suggest using that tool first to see if the traffic levels are high enough to help you meet you affiliate marketing goals.

If you decide to advertise with them expect to deposit $25 to get your campaigns started. They offer native ads, pop ads, push ads and banner ads. Their push ads will provide you with the most volume.


Zeropark, know as a network that allows people to promote mainstream offers via Pay Per View (PPV), domain redirect and push notification traffic, has the ability to send traffic to your adult offers.

You can get a lot of volume running adult offers on PPV or on push notification traffic at reasonable prices. The big downside with running adult push traffic campaigns is that you are not allow to use nudity or provocative language in your ads or on your landing pages.

That means you have to be really creative to get people to click you push ad and respond to your landing page. This can be a good challenge for any affiliate that wants to learn how to make money with restriction placed on what they can promote.

Zeropark has a minimum deposit of $200.


Eroadvertising offers ad spots on some high quality websites. They ads have some flat rate spots.

They have not evolved to offer push notification ads like other networks offer. They do offer banner ads, pop ads, interstitial ads, text ads and a few other ad types that don’t get a lot of volume.

Minimum deposit is $50.


Affiliate marketing is a business in which people jump around a lot. Some people will try a network, lose $100 then move onto other networks and repeat the pattern.

Exoclick is the king of adult traffic.They give you the best chance to scale and make thousands of dollars in profit every day. Learn to dominate on Exoclick, after you do that you can focus on dominating the exoclick alternatives mentioned on this list.

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