Clickbank Alternatives- JVZoo, Udemy & WSOs

Clickbank is a popular marketplace for affiliate marketers that want to promote high quality programs in various niches like fitness, seduction, sports training and woodworking.

They have thousands of offers affiliate marketers can promote. Many of their offers pay 75% commission and some pay a recurring income. Despite the numerous quality offers on Clickbank, some people still struggle to find offers they want to promote. Other haven’t had success with the offers they have tried to promote.

If you are tired of Clickbank and you are looking for other websites with quality digital products to promote, check out the short list below.


JVZoo is very similar to Clickbank. The biggest difference is they are highly focused on internet marketing and investment products. Clickbank on the other hand is more focus on health, fitness and self improvement products.

If you have an audience that is looking to grow their income via an online business, forex or other investment you will find a product on JVZoo that you can market to them.

JVZoo allows buyers to rate their purchases on a 5 star scale. As an affiliate you can easily weed through all of the available products and find one to promote that is highly rated.

You can also see conversions rates, earnings per clicks and the average price for the offer. This is something you can’t see on Clickbank.

JVZoo has digital products in the following categories:




Gambling Systems


Internet Marketing/E-commerce

Mobile/Smart Phones


Self Improvement



Like I mentioned above, they are mainly focus on money making products, so don’t expect to find any top notch fitness or self improvement programs to promote.

Commissions vary for each product, but most people offer a 50% commission.

Definitely check them out if you are in the make money online, investment or search engine optimization (SEO) niche.


Udemy has courses on every topic you can imagine dating, fitness, art, languages, instruments and more. If you want to promote an online course or digital product you can find a good one on Udemy.

The only problem you may have promoting Udemy products as an affiliate is narrowing down which products you should promote. As a buyer of several courses on Udemy, at times it has taken me days to decided between several high rated courses.

I would expect you to struggle when deciding on which courses to promote.

The only other issue you would have promoting Udemy is low affiliate commissions. Everyone that buys products on Udemy uses coupons that allow them to save 80 to 95% on the courses they purchase. So a course that usually sells for $200 will be discounted to $20.

That means your 15% commission from Udemy would be $3 instead of $30. That may be a bit depressing to hear, but listen to this, you will make commission on any course people purchase after coming from your affiliate link. That is not the case on Clickbank or JVZoo.

That makes the lower commission rates from the Udemy affiliate program seem more respectable. Warrior Special Offer (WSO) Marketplace

This is WSO marketplace is setup in the Warriorforum, a large internet marketing community. Members of the forum can list their products for sell as a forum thread and sell their product through the thread.

The marketplace is kinda similar to JVZoo as it is filled with products that are supposed to help people make money online. If you are a blogger or YouTuber in the make money online niche, you will find something that you can promote.

Most of the products are sold for cheap as they are specially priced low for forum visitors only. Don’t expect to see many items being sold for more than $30.

Vendors can set their commissions as high as 100% so you can still make decent money on low priced products.


We hear about Clickbank all the time, but they are not the only game in town. You have several options when it comes to promoting digital products as an affiliate.

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