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Last year I gave you guys some insight into the types of creatives and landing pages I used to promote online dating affiliate offers and casino affiliate offers on Zeropark’s push notification traffic.

Today I will do the same for a South Africa iPhone pin submit campaign I promoted on Zeropark last year. I don’t recall the payout of this offer, but people would have to enter a pin in order for it to count as a conversion.

By doing this they would agree to be charged a recurring payment via mobile billing until they cancelled.

Zeropark Push Traffic Ad Creatives For An iPhone Offer

Below you can see the creatives I used in my campaign.

These advertisements are nothing special. If you took a look at Anstrex push notification traffic spy tool, you would see most affiliate marketers are using similar images and text.

One angle I reccommend you pursue if you decided to run offers like this is to bash Android. In my dating push traffic campaign I tried to piggyback off the Tinder name to give people the impression that the dating website I was promoting was much better.

In my casino case study I tried to give people the impression that the casino I was promoting was better than Bodog.

You could do the same thing with this iPhone pin submit offer by talking about how iPhone is better than Android.

Landing Pages

Below are the landing pages I used during this campaign

The landing page below is a mobile optimized swipe landing page. People swipe left or right to answer three questions.

After they answer three questions they are taken to a summary page that tells them they are qualified and to win.

At that point they have to click a button to go to the offer page.

When I first had this swipe landing page designs I though it would be the highest converting landing page I ever had, but it has not performed well on any offer I have used it with.

Mobile Swipe

The second landing page I used was a dropdown landing page. People select their country from a dropdown box and immediately get redirected to the affiliate offer.

Mobile Drop

The third landing page used was a standard mobile quiz landing page. This one is just like the swipe quiz except people click buttons to answers questions instead of swiping.

Did I this affiliate campaign make money?

Just like the casino campaign I promoted in South Africa this campaign did not generate any revenue.

I ran this campaign for a few days and spent $12.95 and received 423 clicks and no conversions.

Future Outlook

If I were to run this campaign again in the future I would use the wheel of fortune type landing page you see below where people spin to win a prize.

Other affiliates use that type of landing page a lot on sweepstakes campaigns. However, I haven’t really tested those landing pages at a high level on the campaigns I have run.

Trying some different angles like talking bad about Android may be something else that could make this campaign a winner.

The best thing about these sweepstakes offers is they are available to promote in dozens of countries. Once you get a profitable campaign in one area you can scale the same creative and landing pages to a bunch of other countries.

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