Why I Stopped Promoting Clickbank Offers On Revcontent

I tried Revcontent a few times in 2018 and 2019. I promoted a bunch of affiliate offers from Clickbank. I tried a diabetes offer, a back pain offer and a blood pressure offer. You can see my Revcontent case study here.

I ran offers similar to what many other affiliates run on Revcontent. I also used similar landing pages and advertisement images and text.

Despite my efforts I was unable to get any of my campaigns profitable. I know many people have made a lot of money using them, but their system seems flawed and needs some improvements before I ever try them again. Here are some of the things that drove me to stop using Revcontent.

Lack of international traffic

In my experience you won’t find much traffic from countries outside the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. If you are looking for a lot of traffic outside those three countries look elsewhere you won’t find it on Revcontent.

Long Ad Approval Times

I have not run an ad on Revcontent in about 9 months, but back then they would take as many as 4 days to approve an advertisement. When selling ad space to advertisers is your primary business, you have to find a way to get those ads approved the same day. You must know that no one wants to wait that long. If your competition can do same day approvals, you can too.

Don’t expect any advertisements you setup to be approved on the weekend, they don’t have people available to approve advertisements on the weekend, you’ll have to wait until Monday.

No CPM Bidding

When I first started using them in 2018 they had Cost Per Mile (CPM) bidding. As an advertiser I love having a CPM option. With CPM bidding I get rewarded with a lower cost per click(CPC) if I have creative ads that get a higher click through rate (CTR) than normal.

As you can see from the screenshot below, a CPM campaign I ran for a blood pressure offer cost me .12 a click.

CPM Bidding

Once they switched to CPC bidding, I saw no reward for having a higher CTR. On some networks a higher CTR on CPC campaigns drives the price down. I did not experience that on Revcontent. Even when some of my advertisements had high CTRs my cost per click was they same as the ads that were getting low CTRs.

Really High CPCs

Most of my campaigns had a CPC of .50 to .70 cents per click. It is difficult to profit when promoting an offer that pays $30. You would have to get 1 sale every 40 to 60 clicks just to break even. You would have to do even better just to make a profit.

Is it possible to convert at that rate? Yes. Is it likely? No, especially not on cold traffic.

Lack Of Volume

One of the biggest reasons I decided to try Revcontent was that I was looking for a network that would allow me to scale campaigns to a high level. I heard stories about guys doing $10 or $20k a day promoting offers on Revcontent. I’m sure it was true that guys were making that much, but I did not see the volume that those guys were seeing.

Even when picking 5 high traffic categories and bidding .70 or .80 cents a click I still could not get much volume on campaigns in the United States.

Things got even worse after blocking poor performing widgets. The traffic plummeted even more.

I would start a campaign and go away for three hours and come back see my campaigns racked up 10 or 15 clicks while I was gone. That wasn’t enough traffic to take my campaigns to a high level.

Their campaign setup used to show them having millons of clicks a week in a bunch of different categories.

Now they seem to only be getting about 6,000,000 clicks per week which is nothing when you consider the amount of advertisers they have.


Alternative Native Ads Networks

If you are looking for huge volume native advertising look to Facebook ads. They used to be really overpriced, but I have had a bunch of campaigns getting one and two cent clicks on international traffic and ten cents a click on US traffic.

We all know that getting volume with Facebook is easy. The hard thing is getting offers approved and paying a fair price for traffic.

Make sure you read Facebook’s advertising rules. Those diabetes, blood pressure and health offers that you can run on Revcontent won’t get approved on Facebook ads.

Also make sure to try a ton of different creatives. That is they key to finding an advertisement that has a high CTR and a low CPC.

Outbrain and Taboola merged recent and they both have a ton of traffic. Much like Facebook, don’t expect to get diabetes, blood pressure and other shady health offers approved.

I recommend using a spy tool like Anstrex to see what types of campaigns people are running on those two networks. That will give you an idea of the types of things that get approved as well as the types of landing pages and ads that people use.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is don’t waste your money on Revcontent. They are overpriced and even if you can get offers to convert at .60 or .70 cents a click, you won’t have the volume that allows you to scale and make dozens of sales everyday.

They seem to be a dying network. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them shut down pretty soon unless they get more high traffic publishers and charge advertisers less.

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