Top Side Hustles For Teenagers/High School Students

Society has brainwashed people to think that they have to spend their life doing something they hate. It is pretty understandable as many children grow up seeing relatives jump from job to job without any real advancement. I am here to tell you that you can do more with your life than jump around from nightmare job to nightmare job. If you start a business and invest well you can control your life.

You don’t have to be in your twenties or thirties to start a business, you can start one in your teens. How great would it feel to end high school with $50,000 or more in the bank. Below are some of the best side hustles for teenagers.

Selling candy to your high school classmates

Selling candy and other snacks to your high school classmates is the best way to make money as a teenager. Even though high schools have vending machines they don’t always have the items that people love to eat. You can easily stock up on all of your friends favorite treats on or at your local Costco.

Making $50 to $100 a day would be very simple especially if you go to a decent sized school. One of the best things about selling candy is that it won’t interfere with your ability to work a normal job or spend time on one of the other side hustles on this list.

Cutting grass

Most people have zero interest in doing yardwork. They will gladly pay someone $15 to $25 to cut their lawn. This is a hustle that can be done on the week or after school. Making $30 to $50 an hour is very possible if you can cut two normal sized yards in one hour.

Getting customers could be as simple as putting up flyers in your neighborhood or posting an ad on Facebook or Craigslist. To give yourself a more professional look, you could get a website and some business cards.

It is up to you whether you mention your age or not. It might be an advantage or disadvantage. Obviously their has to be some concern when people invite a stranger over to cut their grass. Many people would probably prefer to have undeveloped teenager around their home than a grown man that can bench press 250lbs. On the other hand people usually don’t respect the work ethic of teens so they wouldn’t expect them to do a good job.

If you cut grass along with selling candy you could make $1000 a week or more.

Selling water or snacks in public

Since I was little I would see people standing in the middle of intersections selling fruit, water and other snacks to cars stopped at red lights.

This is one of those things that most people don’t have the confidence to do. They would feel super weird and awkward standing outside doing this, I know I would.

All you need is a seller’s permit, some inventory, signs and a busy intersection to stand on. This is a great option in the Summer since school is out, you won’t be able to sell candy to classmates.

Snow cleanup

People dislike snow cleanup, even people that have snow blowers hate doing snow cleanup. On top of that is many people cannot afford snow blowers. You could help a lot of people that are busy or too old to be outside in the cold cleaning up during a blizzard.

Much like cutting grass some flyers in your neighborhood or posts on Facebook or Craigslist should help you get customers.

Youtube channel

I have run across teenagers on Youtube with six and even seven figure subscriber counts. Most of these teenagers are making prank videos and doing public interviews.

Your channel could blow up just by posting similar videos. You could also try to hookup with Youtubers in your area to work together shooting content and cross promoting channels. These types of channels seem to only make money from Youtube Ads, so you have to get a lot of views to make 6 figures.

A better option for Youtube is to start a business channel. You can talk about how much you make selling candy. Talk about how much you make cutting grass and cleaning up snow. Talk about selling water and snacks in public.

Tell people about your plans for the money and your goals for the future. This type of channel could make more money with less viewers than a prank channel. A business channel can make money from Youtube ads and they can also promote business related products and services to their viewers.


Babysitting for some extra cash should be pretty easy if you are a female with a good personality. You could offer your services to family friends or people in the neighborhood.

You could also use an online service. I know several online babysitting services connect people with babysitters, but I think those sites only allow people 18 years old or older.


Some people struggle with school and need help. If you are an expert in multiple subjects and you have free time you could help other students for a fee.

Much like babysitting their are several websites that connect tutors with students, but I believe you have to be over 18 years old. That means you have to find your own customers via online ads or school and social media connections.

Freelance Writer

Writing is the easiest way to make money online. You can go to or any freelancer website and their will be hundreds of people that need content for their blogs and websites.

Since you are younger and don’t have kids, a mortgage or a car payment, you can charge less than your competitors and still make a decent income. For the most part you can set your own prices, but charging one or two cents a word would get you the most business.

Make sure your quality is top notch as, Fiverr and all freelancer websites have feedback systems. If your feedback is poor people will stop hiring you.


I am sure anyone reading this can see the potential earnings they could make throughout 4 years of high school. Make sure to have discipline with the money you make. A lot of times people waste money on short term gratification like shoes, purses, video games, cars, etc.

You should ask yourself, where do I want to be when I am 30 years old? Do you want to be a millionaire, do you want to be retired, do you want to be famous or something else. Also ask yourself what you don’t want. I am sure you don’t want to be working a job you hate or living paycheck to paycheck.

Make goals that are inline with were you want to be when you are 30 and make decisions that can make your goals and dreams a reality.

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