Top 6 Zeropark Mistakes

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Zeropark is an ad network that sells pop, domain redirect and push traffic. Many people that use Zeropark are direct response or arbitrage affiliate marketers, including me.

Affiliate arbitrage is promoting affiliate offers with the hope that people will sign up or buy right away. Your goal is to make more in commission than you spend on advertising.

When doing affiliate arbitrage you have to minimize mistakes if you want to make a profit, especially when using pop traffic or push traffic because the quality is lower. I have used Zeropark for years, I have had winning campaigns and campaigns that sucked.

Over that time I have identified 6 key mistakes that are easy to make. These mistakes will hinder your ability to make your Zeropark campaigns profitable.

Not Blocking Bad ISP & Ip Addresses

Zeropark has a ISP and IP black list tool hidden in the my account area that many people don’t even know exists. It allows you to block non-converting ISPs and IP addresses from your affiliate campaigns.

The screenshot below is from my affiliate campaign tracker. It shows you the ISPs of a push traffic Zeropark campaign I ran recently. What do you notice? You should notice that Vodafone Australia and TPG Internet are performing poorly.


Instead of continuing to waste money on those two ISPs, I can go into my Zeropark account, click the my account link in the navigation area. Next I click the IP/ISP Black list link on the left side and enter the bad ISPs in the ISP Black list box on the right. Once I hit save I won’t get any more traffic from those ISPs. That means I won’t waste any more money on them.

IP/ISP Black list

Now I will let you see how the IP addresses did on this campaign. You can see certain IP addresses with multiple clicks on my ads. This is a push traffic campaign, that means I pay for each click. You can see the first IP address had 33 clicks and cost me $2.66. The second IP address got 30 clicks and cost me $4.11.


Going down the chart you can see the losses piling up. The IP block tool will prevent the losses as the campaign continues to run. The performance of the campaign should approve moving forward with the bad IPS and ISPs blocked.

Please note, this is a tool that works account wide, so those bad ISPs and IPs you blocked will be blocked from all of your campaigns.

Assuming Direct Linking Doesn’t Work

Every forum, blog and article you read is going to tell you that direct linking does not work. My mindset is test it and see for myself. If I have 10 campaigns in a row that do poorly with direct linking, would I still test a direct link on campaign 11? Yes, I would.

I want to know for sure rather than guessing. This campaign was run on Zeropark’s pop traffic. I ran dozens of landers with a modest return on investment (ROI) of 40%. When I finally decided to test a direct link it got a 132.2% ROI. Shortly after my discovered the offer was paused so I did not have a chance to take advantage.

That campaign made me a $59.67 profit. If I had direct linked at the start of the campaign my profit could have been at least $400.

Showing ads to frequently

Zeropark has a frequency filter that limits how often an individual IP address will see your ad. I always set mine to 24 hours. I don’t think someone needs to see an ad multiple times in an hour to convert. If they don’t sign up right away they likely are not interested.


I think showing your ad over and over to the same people is a waste of money.

Setting you campaign to run after approval

Zeropark gives you the option of running a campaign as soon as it is approved or keeping it paused so you can manually activate it after approval.


Zeropark has a ton of traffic and you can blow through some money on a campaign it you allow it to be activated right after approval. Always keep your campaigns paused during approval so that you can manually activate them and watch they closely when they first start running.

Bidding the minimum

What I am about to say applies to every ad network. If you only bid the minimum or bid really low you will only get low quality traffic. You have to big higher to get access to traffic that is high quality and has a high chance of converting.

No matter how great your lander is or how great the affiliate offer is, it is hard to profit with low quality traffic.

Many of the Zeropark case studies on this blog I was bidding higher than the minimum, not just for quality, but also for more traffic volume.

Not setting budgets

If you forget to set budget on your campaigns then your campaigns will have unlimited budgets. You might wakeup one morning and see your entire account depleted.

In Zeropark you have the ability to set a daily budget which runs until the restricted amount each day. You can set a campaign budget which pauses the campaigns when that number is reach.


You also have the ability to set a sources budget. Sources are a group of sites. This budgeting option allows you to control the amount of traffic coming from each source running your campaign. This stops you from blowing a bunch of money on a group of sites that don’t convert.



Affiliate marketing is more difficult than it was 10-15 years ago. When I first started affiliate marketing I could run campaigns without a tracker and make money fast.

Nowadays with great tracking, great landing pages, fast hosting and professional creatives, it is hard to profit. You have limited room for error if you want to make money doing affiliate arbitrage. Hopefully what you learned in this post can help you optimize your campaigns and get you closer to making your Zeropark campaigns profitable.

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