Teespring & Facebook Ads Case Study

DesignBreaking SadDesign PlatformFreelancer*
Sales Price$19.99Design Cost$131.00
CountriesCY, MY, MT, AR, OM & OthersAd Costs$58.93
Ad Networks
Facebook & 50onred.com*Revenue$0.00
Traffic TypeSocial, PPV, Intext adsProfit-$189.93

Teespring.com is a website that allows anyone to create and sell shirts without dealing with inventory, shipping and all the other hassles of owning a t-shirt store. All you have to do is set a sales goal, if that goal is meet then your shirts are shipped. Since day one Teespring became extremely popular with affiliate marketers because it was another way to make money online no matter where you live. All you have to do is make more from shirt sales then you spend on advertising, which is usually easier said than done.

Obviously I had to jump in and try it for myself. After evaluating some niches I decided to do a Breaking Bad shirt which wasn’t really a great idea since the show had been off the air for about a year. I hired a guy on Freelancer.com* to make a design and I paid him $131.

The design was a standard Breaking Bad design except it was called Breaking Sad instead of Breaking Bad. It also had tears running down Walter’s face. Looking back I doubt many people want to wear a shirt with tough guy Walter White crying.



I launched a few campaigns on Facebook ads targeted to men that like Breaking Bad. I targeted the ads in foreign countries because the traffic is cheaper there. After spending $27.28 on Facebook and getting 197 clicks, about $.14 a click, I paused my Facebook ads without making a sale.Looking back maybe I should have spend a little bit more. The traffic was reasonably priced, but I made a mistake by targeting people 18-25. Those are the people with the least money to spend so I should not have targeted them.


I also had ads running on 50onred.com* but those did not do much better. I spent $20.10 on Pay-Per-View (PPV) traffic and $11.50 on intext banner advertisements without making a sale. My overall ad spend from both Facebook ads and 50onred.com* was $58.93.





Ads used

Below you can see some of the ads I used on Facebook, pretty much a screenshot of the design and some captivating headlines.

ad1 ad2ad3

Below you can see some of the ads I used on 50onreds* intext banner ad platform.

q7z q7B q7A


Just like with most affiliate marketing campaigns some succeed and some fail miserably. This campaign was not well planned, so it ended up being a disaster. Even though I lost $189.93, I learned the importance of picking a good niche and paying the right price for designs. Knowing this should help me succeed with the Teespring campaigns I plan to launch in the upcoming weeks.

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