Starting A Clothing Line

January 5, 2017 0 Comments

I am in the process of starting a clothing line right now. Not just a t-shirt company or selling shirts on, but a real brand. This is an idea I have had for a while, but I was more focused on software, white label dating and affiliate marketing. Since I am not seeing the results I want with those three I am changing my focus.

The first step to getting this clothing line started is picking a name. Every time I settle on a brand name, I think of a better one, so I am going to take my time before choosing one. Once I choose a name for my clothing brand I will move on to getting trademarks, domain names and a brand logo. I also plan to use my social media account to document the brand development.

The next step after that would be getting a few designs done. I already know the focus of the designs and what they will say, it is just a matter of communicating with some designers and bringing the ideas to life. Once that is done I will move on to the most difficult part which is launching. I am considering getting some product samples done and posting my brand on Kickstarter. That would allow me to validate the idea without spending a ton of money.

Another launch option is to spend a month aggressively promoting the brand on social media before I launch. This will allow me to gain followers and hopefully email addresses. This is another way I could validate the idea before I spend a ton of money on shirts, hats and hoodies.

My final launch option is to just launch as soon as I can get designs printed. This is the most aggressive idea and would force me to carry a bunch or inventory. I doubt that I would go this route because It would increase my startup expenses. I would rather keep cost low until I can validate the idea.

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