RTX Platform PPV Paid Survey Case Study

OfferOpinionlandiaAd Network50onred.com*
Payout$1.10Traffic TypePPV
CountriesColombiaAd Costs$48.97
Affiliate NetworkGlobalWideMediaRevenue$173.80
Affiliate TrainingWealthy Affiliate*Profit$124.83

This is a direct linked Pay-Per-View (PPV) affiliate marketing campaign I ran on the 50onred.com pop traffic network. As with all affiliate marketing campaigns the goal was to spend money on advertising, send people to the offer and make more in commission. This campaign was targeted to people in Colombia that wanted to make money online taking surveys. It paid $1.10 a lead. Over the life of this campaign I made about $125 profit. This was a low profit campaign because it was tightly targeted. Look below to see the campaign stats.


You can see the stats by keyword below. You can see that I was bidding as much as $11 CPM on some targets but, I was still able to make a profit on those targets. That should tell you how well it was targeted.


Campaigns like this can be easy money because the are low maintenance, but the volume is so limited it can be frustrating. In order to get a bit more volume I ran this same offer on Zeropark.com. That campaign was a run of network campaign so it had a lot more traffic and made a lot more money. The only thing that stopped me from making more money with the run of network campaign was a monthly cap on the amount of leads I could send. You can click here to see the overview of  my results when I promoted this offer on Zeropark.

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