Revcontent Native Ads & Clickbank Case Study

OfferHigh Blood Pressure ProgramAd
Payout$32.99Traffic TypeNative Ads
Countries United StatesAd Costs$872.72
Affiliate NetworkClickbankRevenue$232.18
Affiliate TrainingWealthy Affiliate*Profit-$640.60

Last year I decided to play around with native advertising. I had used a native advertising network in the past called MGID to other lower payout offers. I actually have a couple of case studies from MGID here and here. One of the reasons I stopped using them was they took forever to approve ads and my ads would get traffic one day and none the next, even if I raised my bid nothing would happen.

I wanted to avoid MGID so this time I decided to use Revcontent. I knew with the high bid prices I would have to promote a high payout offer, so Clickbank was my focus.

I watched videos and used a couple of spy tools to get a good idea of what people were promoting, what landing pages they were using and what creatives they were using. When it comes to affiliate marketing if someone else is making money that means you can make money too.

I setup a campaign promoting this blood pressure offer from Clickbank.

I used the landing pages below to promote the offer. I took the landing pages from spy tools and changed the text and images to fit the offer.

Landing Page 1
Landing Page 2

Below are the ads I used. I tried attractive females, older people and the weird image of the guy with the dog on his back.

Blood Pressure Ads
Blood Pressure Ads
Blood Pressure Ads

I started off with a CPC campaign and eventually added a CPM campaign. The campaign started out alright, it was not profitable, but it was making sales. The ad with the woman in pink holding the barbell over her head was doing well. Landing page one was doing well. After a few days the campaign went downhill and no sales were coming in. I think I made one sale on the last $300 in ad spend and I decided to end the campaign.

Overall I spent $872.72 on this blood pressure campaign. I spent $106.00 on the CPM campaign and  $766.72 on the CPC campaign. I made 7 sales on Clickbank and brought in $232.18 in revenue for a loss of $640.60.

I tried a few other campaigns and offers with Revcontent like diabetes and back pain without much success. For now I am stepping away from Revcontent and Clickbank offers to try and focus on offers that pay cost per lead (CPL) like dating, sweepstakes or casino offers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your results. I recently signed up to MGID as well, and while my first campaign got approved within a day, I’ve had a second campaign sitting in moderation queue for 4 days now, despite several emails to support and being on Skype with their representative.

    Also their advertiser dashboard feels like it was written in the early 2000’s and hasn’t had an upgrade. It’s not the easiest to work with.

    I won’t be working with them after my current deposit runs out.

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