Promote Dating Affiliate Offers During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Right now the world is going through this coronavirus pandemic. People will be stuck in their homes for weeks or even months. People that are used to going to bars, clubs, beaches, and socializing every night will be lonelier than they have ever been in their lives.

I expect many singles will turn to online dating to connect with the opposite sex. People that have tried online dating and hated it will try it again. People that have never tried online dating will try it for the first time.

Even though less people will be working during the coronavirus pandemic, I think they will find money to spend on dating. People kill for love and people fight for love, so people will spend their last dollar for love if they have to.

Conversion rates for online dating affiliate offers will probably be higher than they have been in the last 10 years. It is important to start setting up your landing pages, creatives and campaigns immediately. If you wait until July or August the demand for online dating might be decreasing and you might miss out on thousands of dollars.

Russian Brides

Promoting dating websites that allow people to meet local singles will make you a lot of money, but don’t forget about Russian bride websites.

Men that are in their 40s and 50s that have never been married or never had kids will have a lot of time to reflect on the lack of love they have had in their life.

This coronavirus pandemic will make them realize their life can end at anytime. A lot of these guys might be desperate enough to pursue foreign brides as a last hope for love before they die.

Make sure you try promoting those types of dating sites along with traditional mainstream dating websites.

Ethical Marketing

It will be tempting to use the words coronavirus, covid-19, quarantine and pandemic in your marketing materials, but I would advise against it. Many affiliate networks will refuse to pay or even ban your account if they catch wind of this.

Simply promote your offers using phrases like “Stuck at home?” Can’t leave the house?” and other phrases that mention people’s current situation in a vague manner.


For years the go to landing page for online dating has been the quiz landing page. That is what you should use to promote your offers. If you see someone running something more unique or you have a better ideas for a landing page, try it out, it might convert better than the quiz lander.

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