My Business Goals For September 2019

September 11, 2019 0 Comments

Before I talk about my goals for September 2019, I want to take a look back at my goals for last month.

One of my goals last month was to collect 1000 email subscribers. I failed to reach this goal as I only collected 749 subscribers.

I used Facebook ads and sent people to a squeeze page offering them a guide filled with dropshipping ideas. I thought the affiliate links in that guide as well as the affiliate links in my emails would allow me to make some of the money I was spending on advertising back. I was wrong.

Since my my affiliate links were not performing well I created a tripwire with a list of suppliers and white label companies that people could use to start an online store. I initially charged $9 for the item and and sold one copy. I decided to drop the price to $5 to see if it would sell better but it did not.

Basically I spent $591.99 on Facebook ads to make $9.

Obviously losing money is hard, but I can still used the email list in the future to drive traffic back to this website and to some affiliate offers.

My second goal was to get my Youtube channel over 1000 subscribers. I had seen some videos about advertising your channel on Facebook ads. That is why I thought it would be easy to get my channel over 1000 subscribers. I was hoping I could pay $1 or less for each subscriber.

I spent $156.12 on Facebook ads and only picked up about 30 subscribers to my channel. I would have stopped the advertisement sooner, but I forgot to put a budget on the advertisement. Obviously that did not turn out to be a good investment.

My third goal was to post 15 posts to this blog. I was pretty close, I posted 12 pieces of content last month. I am not a fan of writing at night so that is one of the things that kept me from meeting my goal.

I also wanted to post at least 60 pins to my Pinterest account. I might have only posted 2 or 3. Since Pinterest doesn’t have dates on the pins I am not sure of the exact number that I posted last month, but I know it wasn’t close to 60.

As you can see I failed on all four of my goals last month. I did make a good effort on all of them except the Pinterest goal. Now let’s see if I can set some attainable goals for this month.

Post 10 Blog Posts

I plan to get up one hour earlier each day this for the rest of this month to focus on writing posts for this blog. That should give me the time I need to write 10 posts before the end of the month.

Post 20 pins to Pinterest

This month has 20 days left in it. Since I am getting up earlier to post to this blog I might as well take a second each morning to post something to Pinterest. Currently I have 24 pins, so I should have 44 pins at the start of next month.

List at least 10 of my products for sale on Amazon

I sell stuff on eBay and I want to put some of it on Amazon to see how it sells. I want to have at least 10 of my products for sale on Amazon before the end of the money.

Hopefully selling on Amazon as well as eBay can give me a nice income boost.

Make $500 in sales on eBay

I had a few sales months on eBay, then I sold out of a few of my best selling items and took a few listings down. The last two months my sales have been in the $300 range.

I want to get that up in the $500 range by listing some of the stuff I have not had time to list. I also plan to lower prices on existing listings. I may try bundling similar items together in some new listing to try and move some inventory faster.


I am pretty focused on adding content to this blog and selling physical products on eBay and Amazon. I don’t plan to put much energy or money into list building.

I do plan to post on my YouTube channel daily, but I won’t be spending any money to advertise it.

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