Mediatraffic RON Case Study

When dealing with an ad network your best bet is usually to go with the most targeted traffic which is usually keyword targeted traffic. Recently I decided to go against that and give some Run Of Network (RON) traffic on a try because it is so cheap.

I decided to send this traffic to one of my mainstream general dating websites I have setup with I ran traffic from about 10 tier 3 countries. I was expecting the traffic to perform horribly because it was untargeted so the ads might not reach the correct demographics.

After running the campaign for a short while, my cost per signup was a little less than a $1, which is higher than I wanted but I could make some adjustments to lower my cost per signup. The main thing I could do is run one country for each campaign instead of running all the countries together.

Running the countries together would have been fine if MediaTraffic’s conversion tracking was working, but since it wasn’t I would be better off separating everything and running it through my prosper202 tracker so I can use the tracking pixel. I could also try using some landing pages to see if they perform better than direct linking.

Once I saw some leads coming in on my white label dating websites I though maybe I should try this RON traffic on an CPA dating offer from an affiliate network. I started promoting a dating offer that paid $4.50 and only accepted US traffic. I got off the computer and came back a few hours later to see that I had spent $28 and generated 0 leads.

Bummer. Even though I got a few leads for my white label dating sites I did not have the same success with a CPA offer.

This failed campaign can be evaluated in many ways. Maybe the US RON traffic is too expensive. Maybe RON traffic in the US doesn’t convert well. Maybe the offer I was promoting was crap. Maybe I should have used a landing page. These are four things I will consider if I decide to run US RON traffic from to a dating offer again.

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