How I Made $10K Revenue From A Greek Dating Website

OfferGreek DatingAd NetworkFacebook
PayoutRevenue ShareTraffic TypeMostly Social Media
Countries MultipleAd Costs$5,187.87
Facebook Ads TrainingFB Ads Mastery*Revenue$10,889.63
Affiliate TrainingWealthy Affiliate*Profit$5,701.76

One day I was looking to setup a new website in* and I decided on Greece, not sure why, but that was the country I chose. For those that have never heard of* it is an international white label dating website. They allow you to setup a dating website that shares a member database with thousands of other dating websites in their network. White label dating puts you in position to launch a site with millions of real members from day one. Without white label dating you need to start a site with no members or used fake profiles. Neither of those are good ideas.

In exchange for using the white label dating providers database, support team and customer relationship management team you have to give up 30 to 50% of your revenue. That means you make 50% to 70% depending on your sales volume.


Setting up a white label dating site is pretty simple. Pick a domain, pick a niche, pick a language, setup your design, pick the countries and age ranges you want your site to have. After that you promote the site. It is a great option for people that want to run a dating website but don’t have the money or guts to start one from scratch.

It is a more advanced form of affiliate marketing. Most affiliates promote dating offers and get paid one time, when the lead is first confirmed. The white label dating route allows you to make money off of your traffic more than once.


I set everything up and jumped on Facebook ads to start promoting the website. I linked directly to the website in my advertisements rather than using a landing page*. Initially I targeted single men over 25 with Greek as their chosen language. After a short while I realized targeting people under 31 was a waste of money. As you can see from the screenshot below. I only made $.35 to $.38 for each person 30 or under that registered. On the other hand people 31 and older brought in $.92 or more for each registration.


At that point I started to focus on men 31 and older. In my ads used headlines like “want a girlfriend? or get a girlfriend?” except the text was translated to Greek using google translator. I got my first paid membership 3 days after launching the site. From that point money continued to roll in.


Even though this site was a success it was difficult to scale up and send hundred of registrations a day. One reason is that Greece has a population of 11 million. Consider the fact that I am only looking for single men over 30 and that 11 millions drops down to a much smaller number. Another reason is that I primarily used one advertising network to promote the website. I tried other ad networks, but I did not use them as consistently as I used Facebook ads. If I was advertising on 10 different networks consistently I would have been able to send more people each day.


Over my time promoting the site I sent about 7,538 registrations, with the most registrations in a day being 247. Of all the registrations and paid memberships I only made $19.83 off a woman but, that was offset by losing $20.25 on a chargeback to another woman as you can see below.


My profit from this site ended up being $5701.85. People took on average about 5 months to convert from free to paid. Once they converted they usually stayed about 3 months as you can see from the image below.


The End

The site slowly died out when Facebook banned dating ads. I had mild success promoting the website on*, but none of the other networks I used performed as well as I needed them to in order for me to profit.


Promoting white label dating isn’t the same as is used to be but money can still be made. You just have to send people to a website you have ownership over and get the lead for yourself before you send them to the white label dating website. This allows you to build an asset you can utilize again in the future.

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