Introvert Side Hustle Ideas

You’re an introvert. Everyday you go to a job you hate to work with people you hate. They joke, they laugh, they complain, they throw tantrums and spread rumors. You hate all of them and wish you could just stay home and relax. This list of introvert side hustle ideas should put you on a better path.

It may seem like a fantasy, but many introverts have worked their way out of jobs and environments they hate to be self-employed.

The key to escaping that job you hate is to find a side hustle that fits your personality. With enough work that side hustle could turn into a full time income that will allow you to quit that job you hate.

Below are some of the best side hustles for introverts.

Freelance Writing

This is the easiest introvert side hustle that you can start. People need content for blogs, niche websites, books, school papers and product descriptions to name a few.

You don’t have to be a great writer when you start. However, it is essential that you care about the quality of your work. That means proofreading it several times, having a friend or family member proofread your articles and using a tool like grammarly to help you make quality content that is readable.

As you continue to write day after day good habits will form and you will be able to write faster, for longer periods of time with less errors.

You can get writing jobs on Freelancer websites. On those sites people create a listing that details what they type of content they are looking for. They may also mention the word counts needed and provide sample content they want you to emulate.

After evaluating their content needs you would have to bid how much you would do the job for. I hired you would do the writing job at the agreed price.

An alternative to freelancers site is Fiverr which allows you to setup a gig with the type of content you will provide as well as the price you charge and number of days it will take to complete.

Obviously a new person with no feedback should charge a low price. Once you get a lot of positive feedback you can raise your prices in line with other writers.

YouTube gaming

I am sure you like to game in your spare time. You are probably an expert at some of the games you play. Turn that expertise into money. One way is to make recording and narrating your gameplay and sharing it on YouTube.

Another way is to make videos providing tips and tricks that will help people get better at certain games.

YouTube is competitive as hell so don’t expect to make a ton of money immediately, but you are playing games for fun anyway, so why not record them?

A year or two of positing videos daily could change your life and allow you to quit your job and make money doing something fun that you like doing.


This is my favorite introvert side hustle. However, starting a blog is just as competitive if not more competitive than starting a YouTube channel.

You will struggle to get traffic right away, and it may take a while to make money. It is important to pick a topic you love talking about. That will make it easier to stick through the tough times when you are not getting any traffic or making any money.

To accelerate the growth of your blog you should find blogs with similar content and reach out for guest posting opportunities.

Writing for other blogs and linking back to your blog is one of the best ways for new blogs to get more referral traffic and rise in the search engine rankings which leads to even more traffic and hopefully more money.

Voiceover work

This is another introvert side hustle that is easy and inexpensive to start. You really don’t need any special skills or expensive equipment. All you need is a quality microphone, some headphones and a pop filter.

Like many of the side hustles on this list, using Fiverr is your best option to get clients. Obviously you will have competition, but if you price your gig low to start and have voice samples listed in your gig you should get some customer right way.

Make sure that you do a quality job. If people are unhappy with your work, they will leave negative feedback and people will be reluctant to hire you in the future.

Once you start making money you can purchase audio editing software, a better microphone and other equipment you need to start building a home studio.

Video Editing

Most small YouTubers record and edit their own videos. The big YouTubers hire people to edit their videos, and they have lots of cash to spend. Quality editing is extremely important to their brands.

This is a side hustle you can’t jump right into. You have to spend time learning to edit video.

One place to learn is from YouTube. YouTube videos can teach you a lot, but things won’t be very structured. You will be jumping around from topic to topic.

If you want to learn in a more formal way, you should work through a few Udemy courses. You will find courses with hours and hours of instruction for $15 to $25. All the skills you learn on via YouTube or Udemy you can practice on your own videos.

Find subreddit or discussion forums where you can post videos you edited so you can get feedback from people more experience than you. Their feedback will help you get better a lot faster than judging your own work.

Once you get super confident in your video editing skills, join Fiverr and create a video editing gig. Try to keep you price low and focus on short videos that need very basic edits.

Once you get a few positive feedbacks you can start to do bigger more complex jobs.


Four of the five introvert side hustle ideas on this list you can start today with no skills or special equipment needed.

Don’t hesitate, the sooner you start, the sooner you can make money. The sooner you make money they sooner you can quit the job you hate and live on your own terms.

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