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In October of 2019 I decided to do a post in the passive income subreddit talking about how much money I had made in side projects in the first 9 months of the year. I was curious how the post would be received, how much traffic it would drive to this blog and if the traffic would stick long term.

Click here to see my Reddit post.

You can see I tried to be very informative about my income by posting a screenshot and writing a few paragraphs of text. At the end of the post I gave people the option to check out my blog if they wanted a more detailed write up of my future plans to increase my passive income.

I think the post was well received for two reasons. The first reason being people like to see what projects other people are working on because it motivates them and gives them new ideas. The second reason was that it was presented in a non aggressive manner, so even though I put links to this blog in the post, no one felt like I was shoving it down their throat.


This blog wasn’t getting much traffic before the Reddit post. On October 8th, the day before I posted to Reddit, this blog got 7 visitors. On October 9 the the post went live and I got 293 visitors. On October 10th I got 73 more visitors . On 11th I got 67 more visitors.


From their traffic started to drop off and things got back to normal. This blog only had 10 visitors on the last day of the month.

Even thought the traffic boost was temporary I got a good idea of how I can use Reddit to drive traffic to this blog or other web assets I own without annoying people or being spammy.

Do’s and Don’t Of Promoting Your Blog One Reddit

Do read the rules of the subreddit you plan to post in. Many subreddits are against blog promotion.

Do give enough information in your post so that people don’t feel like they are being forced to visit your blog.

Do have retargeting pixels on your blog so you can retarget visitors with new content by running Facebook or content discovery ads in the future.

Do have a list building tool and a good lead magnet on your blog so you can collect emails from some of that Reddit traffic.

Do engage with other posts in the subreddit, especially if you plan to promote your blog on a frequent basis. You want to appear like you are there to help others, not just yourself.

Do have some ads on your blog that may be of interest to you visitors. This will allow you to make a little money from the boost in traffic.

Do link to a YouTube channel you own along with linking to your blog. This will allow you to pickup a few YouTube subscribers from you post on Reddit.

Don’t engage with people that leave negative comments on your post, just ignore them.

Don’t expect too much. Most people that promote their blog on reddit will get a temporary traffic boost, that’s about it. Don’t expect Reddit to turn a blog with very little traffic into a blog getting hundreds of visitors a day.


Reddit has a ton of traffic and all bloggers should try to utilize the platform to drive traffic to their blogs. Reddit along with SEO, guest posting and posting to other social networks are all key components of building a successful high traffic blog.

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