How I Made $28K Revenue From An International Dating Website

OfferInternational DatingAd NetworkFacebook
PayoutRevenue ShareTraffic TypeMostly Social Media
Countries MultipleAd Costs$14,650.30
Facebook Ads TrainingFB Ads Mastery*Revenue$28,824.85
Affiliate TrainingWealthy Affiliate*Profit$14,174.55

Each of my first few DatingFactory sites were targeted to one country. I set this particular site up on so that I would have a large site that I could promote to dozens of countries at once. I thought I could get more registrations and make more money that way.


I promoted this website primarily on Facebook ads. The majority of my ads linked directly to my website although I did use a landing page here and there. The majority of my advertisements targeted single males that were 18 and older. After realized the younger demographic were not converting from free members to paid members I started to target just people 31 and older. I targeted dozens of countries with each ad. Here an there I ran and ad to women but not very often.

My ads consisted of stock photos of attractive females along with headlines like “want a girlfriend? or find a girlfriend?”.


This site was easy to send a few hundred people a day to because of the number of countries I was targeting. I probably could have taken this site to an even higher level it I used multiple traffic sources but, I was too focused on Facebook ads.


I sent 30,951 free registrations to this website so far and I have made $28,824.85. The most registrations I got in one day was more than 1000. Even with all the traffic I spent, I only got a few hundred females signed up. I was able to make $525.62 of of those ladies the rest of the money came from men as you can see below.


I sent traffic from many countries. I tried to send 100 to 200 registrations from a country before I decided to keep running ads in that country or stop. You can see my stats by country below. I had some that did really well like UAE and Turkey, then I had some that did terrible like Venezuela and Philippines. The biggest pattern I noticed was all the Spanish speaking countries doing poorly for whatever reason. Other countries you could group together, like Arabic countries, had some that did well and others that did not.







So far this website has made $14,174.55 in profit. People that joined took an average of 155.2 days to convert. Once they converted they would stay for an average of 166.8 days as you can see below.


The End (For Now)

This is another site that died a lot when Facebook banned dating ads. I tried to promote it on other networks but, it did not convert as well. The site is still live today but, is not currently being promoted, that might change in the near future.


This is one of those sites that I look back on and think I could have done more. I was promoting this site in dozen of countries and only sent 30,951 registrations. I feel like I should have sent 10 times that. Even though I feel like I under achieved, this site opened my eyes to the opportunities that are available when marketing internationally.

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