FBAds & Datingfactory Case Study-Disabled Dating

OfferDisabled DatingAd NetworkFacebook
PayoutRevenue ShareTraffic TypeSocial Media
Countries MultipleAd Costs$228.98
Facebook Ads TrainingFB Ads Mastery*Revenue$1,450.84
Affiliate TrainingWealthy Affiliate*Profit$1,221.86

Note: Facebook doesn’t allow dating campaigns anymore. 

So here’s the story, I had a disabled dating website setup with DatingFactory.com* that I wanted to promote. I saw a way I could target the offer to people on Facebook that were most likely disabled. I didn’t think the ads would get approved but I gave it a try and to my surprise they were approved. Eventually I added more FBads, targeted more countries, and targeted more people.


I would target people with likes that were associated with disabilities and diseases like cerebral palsy, Crohn’s Disease, MS as well as wheelchair related activities. I figured people that like those things were likely disabled themselves. You can see a screenshot of the targeting for some of my old ads below.



I wouldn’t specifically call out these diseases in my ads.  My ads would mainly say Meet Disabled Singles. Most of the images I used were of people in wheelchairs. You can see some of the images used below.

ad imagery

The End

After running this campaign for months I got an email from FBads saying I was violating guidelines and my account would be banned if I continued. They were not specific as to what I had done, but after looking at the campaigns I was running and looking at their ad guideline a couple of times I came to the conclusion that my disabled dating campaigns were likely the cause.

The FBads guidelines state:

Ad text may not assert or imply, directly or indirectly, within the ad content or by targeting, a user’s personal characteristics within the following categories:

vi.    disability or medical condition (including physical or mental health);

So of course I shut this campaign down but at least I made some money first.


I spent $214.99 promoting to men & $13.99 promoting to women for a total cost of $228.98.

The site I was promoting was a paying revenue share on initial and recurring payments and I made $1,450.84 over the time the website was live.


Even though the disabled niche was extremely profitable it was not a high volume niche, which is why I recently let the domain name expire. If you want to try your hand starting a disabled dating website head over to DatingFactory.com*. Just remember that you won’t be able to promote your site on FBads so you better have some alternative traffic sources in mind.

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