Facebook Affiliate Marketing Case Study $3,108.25 Profit

OfferInternational DatingAd NetworksFB & RTXPlatform*
PayoutRevenue ShareTraffic TypeSocial & Banner Ads
Countries MultipleAd Costs$8,576.28
Facebook Ads TrainingFB Ads Mastery*Revenue$11,684.53
Affiliate TrainingWealthy Affiliate*Profit$3,108.25

This is my fourth case study for white label dating site that I had setup on Datingfactory platform. The other three are here, here and here.

If you compare this website to the other three you can see it did not make as much money percentage wise. One biggest reason this one did not perform as well as the others is because I was over paying for my Facebook ads. I should have done more to lower the cost per registration.

The second reason this site did not do as well as the others is because half the traffic came from Rtxplatform, formerly know as 50onred.com. They have lower quality traffic than Facebook. Also on Rtxplatform you can’t target ages, so I got a lot of traffic from people under 25 that don’t really pay for dating. Those two things reduced the profit margin.

For the most part this was a campaign where I direct linked straight to the dating website. I targeted 30-40 countries like United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia and a bunch of others. The reason I targeted those countries is because the competition is lower.

People seem to have a mindset that people outside United States (US), United Kingdom (UK) and Australia do not have money or don’t convert. That is incorrect. I have made money in international countries with dating, eBooks, apps, clothing and more.

Promoting recurring income websites is difficult at times because you are going in the hole financially with the goal to make the money back as the recurring billing adds up. Most of my site made a profit, but I had sites that lost money or only broke even.

At times I would promote this site at a high level for a month than not promote it at all for a few months. Eventually I would comeback and start advertising it again.

One of the biggest things that stopped me from making more money is the inability to bring in extra revenue from my ad spots. The dating sites had ad spots and I could put those little instant messenger slide up ads on my site but I was pretty much limited to promoting Adsense or other dating factory websites. They wouldn’t allow me to promote other dating websites. The dumbest thing about that rules was when I put Adsense on my website they would show dating ads which was ok, but I was not allow to post a link directly to a dating website.

The rules about no ads to other dating websites held me back more on my adult white label dating sites. Having some ads going to an outside dating affiliate programs could have given me extra revenue and profit. That extra profit would have allowed me to bid higher and bring in more traffic and registrations.

I think I could have made $50,000 or more with Datingfactory, all they had to do was let me put dating ads on my sites but they refused. It did not make much sense to me as they would benefit from the massive increase in traffic, but some people are stupid.

Datingfactory used to have a blog section and they would have all these articles about search engine optimization (SEO) that would make me laugh. Seems like they had a lack of understanding that the only way to scale and make a lot of money was with paid traffic. Or maybe they thought everyone was creating sites just to make an extra hundred or two a month. I don’t really know what their perspective was.


I made a little bit of money, not as much as I could have if I was more aggressive and had a few good advertisements on my website. I don’t really mess with Datingfactory anymore, they don’t really convert, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went out of business soon. I joined them in 2011 and they haven’t evolved at all. They still have the same backend, the same rules and mediocre designs.

I tried a site called whiteboxdating a few years ago that had promise. I got three paid signups and they all ended in refunds or chargebacks. Luckily, I was already paid so it did not hurt me. I stopped dealing with them after that.

I am hoping a new white label dating company springs soon that isn’t so strict. I want to try running a white label dating site with ads to other dating sites to see how much I can really make.

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  1. Thanks for the insight. I have over 100 hundreds of Dating factory sites since 2012 and only did SEO with them ie. posting dating tips articles on the sites and doing guest post here and there on the web.
    I was making 20k a month on passive income around 2016-17 but it has decrease a lot since and it’s down to 6k a month which is not still not bad considering I don’t pay for any PPC ads…

    Although, I feel like Dating factory haven’t done anything new in years, they haven’t developed any new templates or try to do a better interface for members that is also way ove due for a design makeover.
    To me it seem like Dating Factory is now running on auto pilot and they’re not interested make more money and that’s too bad because I think there’s still a lot of potential that could be done to increase their profits.

    Now, I’m considering to give a shot to Whitelabeldating.com(I’m not an affiliate), and see how it goes with them.

    Thanks for your post btw.

  2. Great case study, although, I thought Facebook were not allowing any dating sites ads besides the major ones ie. Match.com, Pof.com, etc..

    I guess I’m gonna give it a try see how it goes for me.


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