Facebook Ads- Tips For Promoting Your Dropshipping Store

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Anyone that owns a business, whether online or offline should be using Facebook Ads to promote their business. A lot of companies avoid Facebook ads because it is a complicated ad platform to work with. It is very easy to lose money if you don’t know what you are doing.

Below I will give you tips that can help your run better performing Facebook ads for your online store or any other business that you own.

Use More Specific Interest Targeting

If you want your Facebook ads to perform better you have to target two or more interests on all of your ads. If you own a watch store, don’t target people that like watches, you will lose all of your money.

Target people that like watches AND the color pink then try to sell them a pink watch.

Target people that like watches AND bamboo then try to sell them a bamboo watch.

Target people that like watches, suede AND black then try to sell them a black suede watch.

Sick of hearing about watches, OK I can do the same with another product.

If you own a store selling dresses, don’t target people that like dresses, you will lose all your money.

Target people that like backless dresses AND the color red and try to sell them a red backless dress.

Target people that like cocktail dresses AND the color black and try to sell them a black cocktail dress.

Target people that like dresses, the color black and latex and try to sell them a black latex dress.

Are you starting to understand how great Facebook ads can be for marketing your online business?

Segment your ad sets by age AND gender

Another thing I recommend if you want your Facebook ads to perform better and lead to sales on your store, you have to segment people by age AND gender.

It is important to do this because people of different genders and ages are enticed by different text and imagery. The text and imagery you present to a 25 year old man probably won’t be as appealing to a 45 year old man. The text and imagery you show to a 30 year old man might not be appealing to a 30 year old woman.

Here is how I usually setup my ad sets:

I have an ad set for men ages 18-25
I have an ad set for men ages 26-30
I have an ad set for men ages 31-35
I have an ad set for men ages 36-40
I have an ad set for men ages 41-45
I have an ad set for men ages 46-50
I have an ad set for men ages 51-55
I have an ad set for men ages 56-60
I have an ad set for men ages 61 and older

Obviously the product you are promoting has to factor in. If you are selling something that older people are not interested in, don’t created ad sets targeting them.

You can create the same exact ad sets to target females. Once again this depends what you are selling. If your product is only for one gender, then only target that gender.

Use professional looking images

People get on Facebook to communicate with friends, share photos, watch videos, play games and other fun stuff. They don’t get on Facebook to look at ads. If you want to draw people away from those fun activities your ads have to stand out. The more your ads stand out, the more likely you are to get  high click-through-rates which leads to cheap clicks and lower conversion costs.

If you suck at making banner ads like me I suggest trying Snappa. It is an online tool that allows you to make graphics for Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and more. See the images below, I made those using Snappa.

They have templates, images, graphics, fonts, backgrounds and everything else you need to make professional looking Facebook ads. Best of all they have free account option. If limits you to just 5 downloads a month, but that should be fine if you are just starting to advertise. You can upgrade in the future when you need more ads.

Click here to try Snappa today.

Don’t be afraid of mobile traffic

Most people browse on their mobile phones these days over a computer. If may be hard to believe, but people are really comfortable making purchases of small and even large amounts on their phones.

Advertise internationally first

I have promoted stores, dating sites, ebooks and other products and services in dozens of countries with a lot of success. Contrary to popular belief, you can build a large successful online store advertising internationally. The US is a big country and people have money to spend, but the cost of advertising is so expensive, you should avoid it, at least in the beginning.

A better strategy is to target international countries with less competition and lower advertising costs. This will allow you to determine what ads perform well, what interests lead to sales, what age groups buy and what genders buy.

Once you learn more about your customers and have success in international countries, you can think about trying some ads in the US.

Take time to learn Facebook Ads

If you want to build a successful Shopify store, blog, email list or anything else online, you have to learn Facebook ads. You have three options when it comes to learning facebook ads. Your first option is to just run a lot of ads and waste a lot of money until you get the hang of how everything works. This is the worst option unless you have money to waste.

Your second option is to find a good Facebook ads blog, study the posts and take notes. The information on a blog can be helpful although it is not organized and it may be difficult to follow. (This blog has a few Facebook ads case studies, however the blog is not really Facebook ads focused.)

Your third option is to buy a course. The benefit of a Facebook ads course is all the information is organized and in one place. This course Facebook Ads Mastery 2019 is popular and teaches everything you need to know to get cheap traffic, organize your campaigns, target the right people and make sales. They have a 60 day return policy if you are not satisfied.

They say you have to learn if you want to earn and that is true when it comes to Facebook ads. If you don’t want to take the time to learn Facebook ads, their are a few more advertising networks that have high quality traffic.

I recommend Pinterest ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Snapchat ads and Reddit ads. If you are interesting in content promotion you can try Taboola and Outbrain. Also remember that most people browse more on mobile these days rather than desktop so don’t be afraid to promote your store on mobile devices.

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