Facebook Ads Case Studies Promoting Clickbank Products

I found a few old case studies on my Evernote account. In both these case studies I used Facebook Ads to promote a couple of Clickbank products.

Promoting Gluten Free Baking On Facebook Ads

I played around with a small niche eBook called Gluten Free Baking on the Facebook advertising platform. 

I started off targeting men and women together, I also grouped a bunch of countries together because the target market was so small. After a short time I started to advertise to women only. For the most part I targeted people 30-60 years old. I ran CPC and CPM advertisements.

Over the time I ran the campaign I made 3 sales at $9.90 a piece for a total of $29.70. I spent $20.46 promoting the campaign. That was a campaign with a small target market so it was not something that I could run continuously because the same people would be seeing the ad over and over.

If I were to run this campaign in the future I could probably separate the countries and the ages to narrow down my perfect target market. Another goal for this campaign would be to lower my CPC. Even though I made a small profit, my average CPC was 7 cents a click which is higher than what I wanted it to be.

Promoting Violin Master Pro On Facebook

Because the targeting on Facebook Ads is good is a pretty good place to promote eBooks. I promoted Violin Master Pro to people in foreign countries. Since the traffic is cheaper, I felt like I would be able to get more out of the campaign.

I separately targeted men and women that like the Violin and like playing Violin. I did not want to group men and women together as one sex might result in more sales than the other and I needed to know that. Since the number of people that like these two things were small, the traffic was minimal but it was enough to get some sales.

Over the time I ran this campaign I spent $112.60 and I made 6 sales at $16.79 a piece but one was refunded so my total revenue was is $83.95

My thoughts on this campaign if I were to start it up again would be to separate ages more often which is something I did not do lot of because I was targeting so few people. But the overall goal should be to pay less per click. My average cost per click (CPC) for the campaign was 5 cents. If I could get my overall CPC down to 3 cents I could make a small profit on the campaign.

Those are two facebook ads case studies from a while back. Also be sure to check my white label dating case studies to see some other results I had using Facebook ads.

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