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The past few months I was focused on Mac App development. I launched about 6 new Mac Apps in the last 4 months. My income has not increased much from those 6 projects so I am moving on to something I think could be more lucrative, which is Shopify Apps. If you don’t know Shopify is an ecommerce platform that hosts thousands of the worlds most popular stores. They have a Shopify Apps section that is loaded with software that can help store owners make their store a success. Best of all anyone with a good idea can submit their app. You also make a recurring income on the app you sell, and I am a big fan of recurring income.

Even though I think this project will be lucrative, it is a different ballgame when compared to Mac Apps or WordPress plugins. You have to have a secure server, you need a website, you need to set the right pricing, most people have explainer videos to explain the product, so that is more time and money. The app also has to be throughly tested by current store owners. Even with all that I am up for the challenge.

The last three weeks I have been trying to find a developer for my idea, but I have not found one. The few developers I have interacted with have said they understood the project, but after more interaction they seem to be clueless about what I am looking for. Once I actually find someone I think the app could be live and up for sale within 30 days.

If the App is a success on Shopify I might look into getting similar one into the Bigcommerce marketplace. I also plan to come up with new ideas over the next few weeks. Hopefully when my first Shopify App is complete I will have a second idea already lined up for the developer to start working on.


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