Blog & YouTube Channel Progress Report October 2019

This blog and the related YouTube channel are two of my main focuses business wise. This post will reveal some of the things I did last month to grow them. Before you read on I suggest you read my progress report from last month.


Last month I wrote 9 new blog posts. I was able to get 9 posts up in the first 20 days of October. The last 11 days of the month I was focused more on the YouTube channel and did not write anything.

Last month I wrote what is probably my favorite post on this blog so far, Apple App vs. Apple Stock Investment Analysis.

In that post I talk about an app I had developed in 2011 for a cost of $3700 that has made $13,500. I determine whether it would have been smarter to put money into the Apple Stock instead. It is a very interesting assessment of traditional investments versus alternative investments.

Another thing I did last month was post a passive income report on Reddit. The post got about 56 upvotes and two dozen comments, mostly positive.

I linked back to this blog and it gave my traffic a nice little temporary boost as you can see from my Google analytics. Like an idiot, I did not have a list building tool installed at the time so I wasn’t able to collect any emails from those visitors.


However, I do have retargeting pixels from Facebook and Outbrain on this site so I can retarget those visitors in they future and drive them a new post.

I will post on Reddit again in the future. I think doing it consistently would be a great way to increase my exposure and grow this blog faster.

One last thing about the blog, my search engine traffic was up again, I got 107 search engine visitors. If I continue writing new posts and moving up in the search engine rankings I should be getting 300 organic visitors a month within the next 6 months.


I posted twice on YouTube last month, once on the 29th and once on the 31st. My uploads were way down from the 20 videos I posted in September, but my commitment is still high.

Even though my YouTube channel doesn’t make any money, I am starting to treat it like a business. I just bought some lighting so my videos are higher quality. I am upgrading thumbnails on all 100 of my videos so that things look more professional. I found a few designers on Fiverr and they do great work. You can see one of my old thumbnails compared to its updated version below.

Old Thumbnail
New Thumbnail

I plan to get a new YouTube header next month. I am also thinking of getting an intro video for the channel. I have been slacking on keeping my haircut so I want to stay groomed so I look clean and not like a homeless man in my videos.

I want to pump out 50 high quality videos in the next two months. I am hoping to get most of them over 10 minutes.

In addition to posting more in the next two months I plan to do some personal finance videos and more storytelling videos. I have had ups and downs in business and finance and I think people can learn a lot from some of my past decisions.

Email Marketing

I sent out three emails last month just driving people back to my website in two of them and driving people to my YouTube channel in another.

The two emails linking to this blog got me 36 visitors. At this point I am not wasting time sending affiliate offers, I am just trying to link people to interesting content and try to get them hooked on the blog.

I thought the email linked the to YouTube video would give me a boost in subscribers. Some people watched the video, but no one subscribed.

Social Media

I posted on Twitter and Pinterest a bit last month. For the most part it has been a boring waste of time so I don’t think I will post much on either moving toward the last two months of the year.

I will focus on Reddit and Facebook for blog marketing. I may try to integrate Instagram into the plans, but I don’t think it will perform well because it is similar to Pinterest.

Other Notes

Networking is one element that is missing. I need to do a better job of connecting with other bloggers and YouTubers either locally or online. Connecting with the right people at the right time could accelerate the growth of my blog and my YouTube channel.

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