Blog Progress Report September 2019

October 14, 2019 1 Comment

The last few months I have written posts stating my goals for each month. Moving forward I will forgo those posts and write a progress report instead. These posts will talk about the progress and action I took on my blog and YouTube channel the previous month.

This particular post will look back at some of the things that took place in September.


Last month I only posted two blog posts. I spent the majority of September making YouTube videos so the blog got abandoned for a little bit.

Even though I did not post much the blog performed fine. It got more search engine traffic and more social media traffic than it did in previous months.

Even with a small increase in traffic the blog only brought in a few bucks via Adsense last month. The affiliate programs I promote on my tools page, in my blog posts and in various charts throughout the website failed to bring in any income last month.

I am not that worried about income, I am trying to grow my traffic and the income will grow right along with it.


On September 7th, 2019 I decided I was going to post to YouTube everyday for 30 days. I though I would get more exposure, more views, more subscribers and get closer to being able to monetize my YouTube channel.

I posted consistently until the 21st. During that time I did not see many new subscribers, my views were the same and my exposure did not increase. Seeing limited results I decided to abandon the experiment. I have not posted a video since September 27th.

Moving forward I have to decide what content is best for the channel. I think some personal finance videos will be coming soon and some more case studies, but I want to find a way to make the channel more fun or more entertaining. I want to talk about business and finance in a way that no one else is doing.

I will be doing more planning for the channel over the next few weeks than I will be making videos. Hopefully when I start to make videos again they can be 10 times better than they are right now.


I took a little time and posted 10 times to Pinterest last month. Some people post that many times in one hour, so I am not doing a lot.

Other people have a lot more hustle in them than I do. I came into online business using paid traffic. To me paid traffic is the shortcut to success if you can make it work. I would rather spend money trying to promote my blog than posting to Pinterest 150 times a day hoping I get exposure.

I will continue to post to Pinterest and other social media sparingly, but I doubt I could get to the frequency that some of these other accounts are posting at.

Hiring someone is an option I have thought of, but I don’t trust freelancers to post manually. They might use some auto posting software and get my Pinterest account banned.

Email Marketing

A few months ago I built an email list using Facebook ads. I sent people to a squeeze page offering a drop shipping ideas PDF. I collected about 800 subscribers before I stopped running the campaign.

Having a list doesn’t mean automatic profits. I spent about $850 to collect those 800 email addresses and I have only made back $8.50 from a tripwire sale.

A tripwire is an offer you show people right after they join your email list. If done right you can make some of the money back you spent on advertising immediately.

My tripwire was only for sale the last $100 I spent on advertising because I added it to my funnel late. I sold one copy at $9. I decided to lower the price to $5 the next day, but that did not boost sales and I stopped my Facebook ads altogether.

I also had affiliate links to Aliexpress, Shopify & a Facebook Ads Course and other products and services in the drop shipping ideas guide, but those have not generated any income.

Of course I have sent out emails too and those have failed to generate income. Even though I have not made any income from sending emails, I have been able to drive traffic to my blog by notifying my email subscribers when I post something new. I get about 25 to 40 blog visits when I send out an email.

I did not send any emails in September, but as I move forward and send emails consistently I hope that I can start to make back some of the money I spent building my email list.

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