Alternatives To Adsense- Other Ad Types To Try On Your Blog

Most bloggers use Google Adsense to monetize their blogs. Google offers native ads, text ads and banners ads that pay you money when those ads are clicked by your visitors.

Adsense is a great way to make money from your website, but don’t assume that they will make you the most money just because they are the most well know. Other ad types might bring you more money or at least be a great complement to the Google Ads you already have on your website.

Push Notifications Ads

This is a newer ad format that many websites are using. If you put push ads on your website you would be paid each time an ad is clicked or viewed.

Below is a push ad example that might show on your site.

Many ad networks that offer push ads have settings that allow you to limit the number of times one person will see a push ad.

Some people are reluctant to put push ads on their site because they fear it will annoy visitors and keep them from coming back. Assuming is the worst thing you can do in online business. You have to have the heart to test stuff and see how it works.

If you put push ads on your website and people complain or the traffic drops then remove them.

The biggest downside to push ads is most of the ads won’t be relevant to your blogs content. When you put Adsense on a fitness blog you will see fitness ads. When you put push ads on a fitness blog you will see dating ads, business opportunity ads and other stuff your audience might not be interested in.

If you want to try push ads on your blog, I suggest signing up for, or Rtxplatform.

Pop Ads

This is another ad format that people will say you should never put on your website. Once again it is up to you to test how it affects your website. If your traffic goes down or you get complaints, just remove the ads. Also like push notification ads, your pop ads are not likely to be relevant to your niche.

Much like push ads you have the ability to control how often a pop is shown. Most people like to show their ads to a visitor once ever 24 hours.

If you want to try pop ads on your blog, I suggest signing up for or Rtxplatform.

Native Ads

These ads are all over the place. The best thing about many of these ads is that they all have clickbait headlines. That mean high click through rates and higher blog income.

Much like push ads and pop ads many native ads that show on your website will not be related to your content. If you use native ads expect to see a lot of diabetes, blood pressure and back pain ads.

You may think native ads is a poor choice for you finance or business blog, but once again don’t assume. Try the ads on your website to see if they perform well.

If you want to try native ads on your blog, I suggest signing up for, or

Interstitial Ads

These ads are similar to pop ads. They interrupt the browsing session with a full page ad. People have to wait a few seconds before they can close the interstitial. This is probably the most disruptive ad type on the list, but you should still test them and see how the perform.

If you want to try interstitial ads on your blog, I suggest signing up for

Product Ads

Most people use the Amazon affiliate program when they want to show products on their website. The best thing about the Amazon affiliate program is people don’t have to purchase the products you display. If they buy anything within 24 hours of clicking your link, you get a commision.

Since everyone shops on Amazon your are making a mistake if you don’t test them on your blog. One of the best things about the Amazon ads is they can be used in combination with your Adsense ads.

Another great thing is they work well with any blog niche. I don’t care what your niche is, you can find something on Amazon your audience will be interested in.

Text Link Ads

I bought a fashion blog a few months ago that was using Viglinks. Basically you put the code on your website and they turn words into links to merchants. When people click those links and make a purchase, you get commision.

Another company that offers a similar service is The text link ads that these companies offer would do best on fitness, fashion and tech blogs.

Affiliate Ads

You can find tons of affiliate offers online. Some pay per lead and some pay per sale. Some pay a flat rate and some pay commission. No matter what niche you are in you can find an affiliate program that is suitable for your blog.

The next step when you find great affiliate programs is to display your affiliate links the correct way. That banner or a few links in a post might bring in a breadcrumb or two. That page recommending some of your favorite products and services might make a little money too. In my opinion those are the wrong ways to display your affiliate links.

If you want to make more than crumbs you need to use tables to display your affiliate links. I think most blog posts should have a table with links of resources that are related to the post. It is up to you to determine the location of your table. Me I like my tables at the top of the page. You can place yours in the middle or at the bottom if you like.

You can see the example below summarizes my affiliate campaign results while linking to resources that can help people learn affiliate marketing or Facebooks ads. Those links will perform better in that chart than they would with a sidebar banner or in post link.

I suggest you download the tablepress wordpress plugin and start using it to display your affiliate offers.


Most blogs fail because people give up when they are not getting traffic. Even blogs that get traffic fail because the blog owner doesn’t know how to turn that traffic into income.

I always visit and see guys selling high traffic blogs or websites that are making crumbs. It seems like many people slap Adsense on their blogs and websites and take whatever pennies they can get.

If you want to run a successful blog you have to be smarter than that. You have to experiment and find out which ad types, ad networks and ad placements can make you the most money.

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