Promoting Your Blog On Youtube- 8 Easy Ways

When it comes to blogging it is easy to get caught up in the hype of all these bloggers that post income reports telling everyone how they are making 5 or 6 figures a month. Even though blogging can make you a ton of money, most blogs make nothing. I am sure their are millions of blogs with awesome content that are getting little to no traffic each month. You have to know how to generate traffic if you want a successful blog. Promoting your blog on youtube is a simple way to get more traffic, no matter what niche you are in. Below are 8 easy ways to promote your blog on Youtube.

Verbally mention your blog in your videos– I like to talk about things in my videos that are related to the posts on my blog. That makes it an easy transition for me to say go visit my blog, for more information. I like to mention my blog two to three times in each video.

Watermark your videos with your blog name– A few years ago I was using the domain name At that time I would always put watermarks on my videos. Since I switched to I have not watermarked one video mostly due to laziness. 

When I was on my old domain I got more direct traffic and I think the watermarking on my videos was a big reason why. It was simple to watermark my videos with my domain name in the lower right hand corner of each video. I suggest you try it to see if it works for you.

Link to your blog in your video description- This one is pretty straight forward, link to your blog or any related blog posts in your description. Make sure you put the links after the video description. The description is important for your videos search optimization, so posting the link right in the beginning of your description my limit its exposure.

Pin a comment with a link to your blog– You can do this on every video or on the popular ones. I suggest linking to a blog post that is related to the video rather than just linking to the main page of your blog. 

I have video on youtube talking about my experience advertising on In my pinned posts I tell people to visit my blog to see more of my Zeropark case studies. That will drive more traffic to my blog than if I just posted go visit my blog. 

Link to your blog in your Youtube channel’s about section- Utilize some space in your about section talking about your blog. Try to make people see how the blog is just as good or even better than the content you post on Youtube. Posting links to some of your favorite posts is also a great option.

Link your blog on the main page of your channel- On the lower right of your Youtube header you can post up to multiple links. These links can go to your blog, store, social media, etc.

Make sure you link to you blog using a creative line of text. Don’t just put the text, My Blog or the name of your blog, put something like Free Beauty Tips or I Make $1000 A Week, something crazy that will get a lot of clicks. Make sure the text accurately reflects the content on your blog or you will piss people off.

I suggest using multiple links with different text linking to different posts on your blog to get even more traffic.

Make a featured video telling people why they should visit your blog– Youtube allows you to show a featured video on the main page of your channel. Most people put one of their most watched or favorite videos on that page. You should try something different by putting a video talking about your blog. Tell people why it is great and why they should visit it. Try to keep the video fun, informative and short, 30 seconds or less should be enough time to promote your blog.

Get a custom Youtube header- You can visit to get a custom Youtube header created. It will cost about $15 to $25 depending on whom you hire. Make sure to have the links of you blog and social media account on the header. You might be reluctant to spend money on a blog and youtube channel that are not making money yet, but spending time and money is an important part of successfully promoting your blog on youtube.


As you can see above, promoting your blog on youtube is does not take a ton of effort. If you implement the strategies above over the next few weeks and you should see a nice uptick in your blog traffic. Make sure to check out my post 6 ways to make more money from your blog so you can monetize all that extra traffic you are bringing in.

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